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Axon Plexus Photography is an award winning photography and design studio working in fashion and music. Although based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Axon Plexus Photography is an Internationally renowned creative photographic artist.

Axon Plexus is also a trained and award winning graphic designer and so combines the two disciplines to create unique, rich and beautiful images. Axon is  inspired by peoples personal feelings and emotions. Axon's creative magic celebrates the love of telling emotive stories within images.

His images are indeed magical, they take you on fabulous visual journey that excites your senses. It is with the freshness that Axon brings to contemporary visual creative practices, that the images appear natural and traditional. His understanding of Digital Media is so wonderfully expressed in his work. Whether in the studio or on location,

Axon has embraced complex, modern technology, yet will pay attention to detail without detracting from the objective.

The sensuous voyage enhances the sensibilities and leaves us with fantastic work that is timeless.